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Why Sleek?

"It is important to listen to what my client is looking for and  what they'd like to create. My clients have a certain perspective  of how they want their finished video product to look when it's completed. Asking the correct questions helps complete this process so I can recreate their vision as closely as I can."
SLEEK DIGITAL MEDIA is a Video company based in the lower mainland. We help successful small to medium-sized businesses, corporations, and forward-thinking non-profit organizations by providing the quality Video for their company web presence.   To have a marketing force in todays competive online buisness services 
We understand Video Production,  and the Internet Marketing Solutions that help companies successfully reach their customers. More importantly, we make the web easy for all of our clients by helping them invest in the right Internet and media services for their business.
We make YOU look great! Why, because our name goes on it too. We're only as good as the last thing we did. We know that your happiness is the best marketing tool we have, period.

Our Team

Sherry Klassen
Executive Producer/Ceo

Sherry loves entrepreneurship and has a passion for creativity. After 25++ years of experience in both the film industry and media production, Sherry began Sleek Digital Media as a video production focused on helping businesses to utilize video, for the web, social media and Internet technologies.

As Executive Producer and CEO, Sherry’s responsibilities include the coordination of all client projects, project management, content creation, video editing and post production.

'What We Do'

We are specializing in web video production and editing for small businesses, medium corporations, and non profit groups.  We offer creative, high-quality production from story concept to editing to help your organization highlight its key elements and unique qualities to potential clients.