How long should videos be?

Usually between 30 seconds to 3 minutes being the maximum.  You want to get your customers attention.  However, if the viewer receives value, they watch longer. Make separate videos for separate topics -if the viewer doesn't hear what they're looking for within 8 seconds, they click away!  

What types of videos do you create?

 Landing page, testimonial, explainer, training and informational marketing videos are our speciality.  We also record live seminars, conferences and events, and edit them into entertaining & effective marketing videos.

Do you help develop concepts and write scripts? 

Yes! We can produce your entire video production, or only help with certain areas.  Our flexibility allows clients to select their level of participation. Some write their own scripts, provide visuals, and appear on-camera, while others let our experts handle the full production process.  

What is your Objective?

What do you want the viewer to do after watching your video? Call, visit your store, or fill out an on-line form? A successful video campaign establishes clear objectives and provides valuable customer solutions. 
How much does a video cost?
Video budgets can vary quite a bit. I’ve seen 30-second commercials as cheap as $500 and as expensive as $5 million. So, how much will your video cost?

Many times, video production costs are given as “price per finished minute”, and this is sometimes used to estimate the “ballpark” cost before getting started. Marketing and promotional videos fall primarily into these categories and associated costs:

Corporate Productions ($1,500 ~ $3,500 per finished minute)
Narrative Stories ($2,500 ~ $5,000 per finished minute)
Note: These numbers should only be used as a starting point to estimate the costs of producing a video. For a more accurate estimate, give us a call and talk to one of our producers.
Corporate Productions
Businesses often use corporate videos to promote a product or service that they provide. These types of video consist of:
 - Interviews of leadership, marketing folks or subject matter experts
 - B-Roll may include products, services, employees or manufacturing
 - Slider and jib camera movement for B Roll footage
 - Lower third graphics show the name and title of interviewee
 - Opening and closing graphics of the company name and contact info
 - Clean, balanced interview audio
 - Subtle, instrumental background music
 - Straightforward, simple editing
If there is no travel involved and the interviewees are readily available so that you can shoot all interviews and B Roll footage in one to two days, then the $1,500 to $3,500 per finished minute is a good estimate to start with. By adding more days, a variety of locations, additional editing for different versions, and travel, your production costs will increase accordingly.
Narrative Stories
A video that utilizes the narrative to communicate its message tend to be more expensive. Instead of sit down interviews and B-Roll, narrative stories tend to require more resources like actors, sets, props, wardrobe, makeup, more locations and unique story requirements.
Narrative stories may include these kinds of videos:
 - A day in the life of a consumer who uses your product
 - A humorous storyline to communicate the benefits of your company
 - An office setting that needs your service to operate efficiently
When done properly, narrative stories can have incredible impact on the viewers.